​Slovenian Films at Berlinale

10. February 2016
The 66th Berlin Film Festival is taking place between 11 and 21 February. The Slovenian Film Centre (SFC) will once again present itself in the Martin Gropius Bau building,

home of the Berlin Film Market, where it is going to provide information about Slovenian films to the festival selectors, buyers and journalists.

In 2016 the Slovenian Film Centre will celebrate the eleventh year of its joint presentation with the Czechs and Slovaks under the CEC – Central European Cinema trademark.

On Friday, 12 February, the film Nika by the director Slobodan Maksimović will be screened at the Market in order to search for successful festival and distribution options abroad. The film tells the story of the sixteen-year-old girl Nika, whose biggest wish in life is to race a go-kart, while her mother does not see this as a very good idea. The Slovenian premiere of the film will take place in September at the Festival of Slovenian Film.

On Sunday, 14 February, the film Mother by the director Vlado Škafar will also be presented at the market after its successful world premiere on 3 February at the festival in Rotterdam. The film will be intended for all the festival selectors who might have missed it at the screenings in Rotterdam. The Cineurope critic has already described the film as a "cinematic poem about mother and daughter".

On Tuesday, 16 February, the film The Beat of Love by the director Boris Petković, whose world premiere took place at the last festival in Sarajevo, will also have its first market screening. The sounds of the rap scene, dominated by Bruno, Zoki and Leon, will also be heard in Berlin.

The 2016 Film Guide (covering full‑length live‑action and documentary films) will be presented, while short films will be covered, for the third year in a row, in the separate short film guide, already presented at the short film market in Clermont Ferrand a few days ago.

On Saturday, 13 February, all three countries are organising a joint opening reception at the HomeBase club, where apart from images from various films national wines will also be presented. Slovenia will be represented by white and red wines from the Littoral region (Černe).

Numerous other events will accompany the Berlin Festival and Market. Already for the thirteenth year the Berlinale Talent Campus will keep discovering new film authors from all over the world. This year the director of photography Mitja Ličen, who has worked on films like The Tree (2014) by the director Sonja Prosenc (last year's candidate for the foreign-language film Academy Award), Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (2012) by Janez Lapajne and We've Never Been to Venice (2008) by Blaž Kutin, has qualified for the Talent Campus.

The representatives of the Slovenian Film Centre will be present at the Film Market between 11 and 17 February.

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