Cash rebate call

Public call on promoting investments in audiovisual production is open.

You can find information and forms below.



The Slovenian film industry is fighting for survival

13. nov 2020 | A blockage preventing the Slovenian Film Centre from receiving financing is driving the national audiovisual sector to despair; European and …


EFAD in support of the Slovenian Film Centre

09. nov 2020 | EFAD would like to express its solidarity with the Slovenian Film Centre that has been facing administrative difficulties over the …


Delayed Payments Jeopardise Slovenian Film Production

26. oct 2020 | LJUBLJANA: Slovenian filmmakers are disappointed and concerned about not receiving funds for various film projects through already signed contracts with …

Grandpa Goes South - Foto: A Atalanta/Luka Matijevec

The shooting of the feature Grandpa Goes South by the director Vinci Vogue Anžlovar begins

26. aug 2020 | The film Grandpa Goes South is a story about life, expectations, and the search for meaning. It is a tale …

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