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Father Figure - Foto: Aleksander Petric

The shooting of the feature Father Figure by the director Nejc Gazvoda begins

20. apr 2022 | The film is expected to be shot in 25 shooting days.

Nataša Bučar (Managing Director SFC) - Foto: Katja Goljat

Slovenian film on the go: as many as ten Slovenian features in distribution this year

09. mar 2022 | Our Films at Home - Press Conference

Observing - Foto: Mitja Ličen

The shooting of the feature Observing by the director Janez Burger begins

28. feb 2022 | This is Burger’s sixth feature film.

(Un)Desirable Things - Foto: ZVVIKS

The shooting of the puppet animation film (Un)Desirable Things begins

10. jan 2022 | Directed by Leon Vidmar.

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