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Granny’s Sexual Life nominated for the Cesar Award

Granny’s Sexual Life nominated for the Cesar Award

06. feb 2023 | Urška Djukić’s Granny’s Sexual Life was nominated for the César Award, the French equivalent of the Oscars, in the Best …

Press Conference 2023 - Foto: Katja Goljat

The increased film funding will allow for the largest number of Slovenian feature films to be shot in 2023; the highest box-office ratings in independent Slovenia last year; a new generation of female directors on the rise

26. jan 2023 | Press Conference 2023

Urška Djukić and Émilie Pigeard - Foto: EFA

The European Film Award for the short film Granny’s Sexual Life by the director Urška Djukić

11. dec 2022 | Urška Djukić is currently working on her first feature film with the working title Little Trouble Girls.

Redemption - Foto: David Haskaj

The shooting of the feature Redemption by the director Sonja Prosenc begins

10. oct 2022 | Redemption is the third live-action feature by the director and screenwriter Sonja Prosenc.

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