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Public call on promoting investments in audiovisual production is open.

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Nataša Bučar (Managing director) - Foto: Nebojša Tejić (STA)

Nataša Bučar, Head of Slovenian Film Centre, on Accessibility and Competitiveness of European Audio-visual Works from Small Language Environments

13. oct 2021 | The study, prepared for the Slovenian Film Centre by Wagner-Hatfield from Belgium, examined the best practices of selected small countries: …


Study on accessibility and competitiveness of European audiovisual works from small language environments

11. oct 2021 | A report for Slovenian Film Centre by Wagner Hatfield.

Grandma Goes South

Focus on Slovenia at CinEast Film Festival

04. oct 2021 | The event will feature six Slovenian feature films of various genres and four short films.

Valley of Peace - Foto: Lado Sazonov (Archive of The Slovenian Cinematheque)

The first historical retrospective of Slovenian film in Portugal

30. sep 2021 | A total of twelve Slovenian feature films will be screened.

Film v Sloveniji Slovenski film v številkah, baza slovenskega filma, kontakti filmskih profesionalcev ...