Cash rebate call

Public call on promoting investments in audiovisual production is open.

You can find information and forms below.


Bojan Labović - Foto: Irena Herak

The 24th Festival of Slovenian Film returns to Portorož – Bojan Labović is the new director

28. apr 2021 | Between 11 and 17 October.

Gaj Črnič and Kaja Podreberšek - Foto: Željko Stevanić

The shooting of the family adventure Beanie concludes

22. apr 2021 | The film benefitted from the magnificent backdrop of Ljubljana, empty yet adorned with Christmas lights, while the shooting also took …

Inhumanum: The Inhumanity of Man  - Foto: Aleksander Petrič

PRODUCTION: First Slovenian Homicide Documentary TV Series Starts Shooting

20. apr 2021 | The aim of the series is to objectively present all the aspects and consequences resulting from the act of murder, …

Moja Vesna - Foto: Jane Zhang

The shooting of the feature “Moja Vesna” by the director Sara Kern begins in Melbourne

12. apr 2021 | Filming will take place in and around Melbourne.

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