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Public call on promoting investments in audiovisual production is open.

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Eva - Foto: Saša Huzjak

The shooting of the feature Eva by the director Tijana Zinajić begins

28. oct 2019 | Zinajić’s directorial debut focuses on Eva, an academy-trained painter. About to turn 27, she realises that she has not ...

Sanremo - Foto: Silvia Zeitlinge

PRODUCTION: Miroslav Mandić Shoots Slovenian/Italian Coproduction Sanremo

10. sep 2019 | LJUBLJANA: Miroslav Mandić is currently shooting his sixth feature Sanremo, a drama about aging. This Slovenian/Italian coproduction is being ...

Stories from the Chestnut Woods- Foto: Nosorogi Production House

The world premiere of the film Stories from the Chestnut Woods at the Toronto Film Festival

12. aug 2019 | Božič's debut has been shot on 16 and 35mm film. The story takes place shortly before World War II ...

Oroslan - Foto: Staragara

The live-action feature Oroslan by the director Matjaž Ivanišin in the competition programme of the Locarno Film Festival

17. jul 2019 | The story of the film, inspired by a literary work written by Zdravko Duša, recounts a tale of the death ...

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