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Public call on promoting investments in audiovisual production is open.

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Women on the Go - Foto: Matjaž Rušt

Women on the Go

16. nov 2021 | Yesterday, the Slovenian Film Centre, the Directors Guild of Slovenia, and the Ljubljana International Film Festival – Liffe – hosted …

Sanremo - Foto: Silvia Zeitlinger - Incipit Film

The fifth Days of the New Slovenian Film in Sarajevo

09. nov 2021 | For the fifth year in a row, the Days of the New Slovenian Film in Sarajevo will take place from …

Art Cinema of China Film Archive

The successful opening of the first Slovenian film retrospective in China

29. oct 2021 | The event will continue until 4 November.


Slovenian film in focus for the second time at the MedFilm Festival in Rome

29. oct 2021 | Slovenian cinema will be represented by as many as twelve films.

Film v Sloveniji Slovenski film v številkah, baza slovenskega filma, kontakti filmskih profesionalcev ...