The world premiere of the Slovenian minority coproduction Oasis at the Venice festival

29. July 2020
The two main adult roles of educators were performed by the Croatian actor Goran Bogdan and the Slovenian actress Maruša Majer.

This year, the Venice Film Festival will take place from 2 to 12 September. The Slovenian minority coproduction Oasis, directed by the Serbian director Ivan Ikić, will have its world premiere in the context of the Venice Days (Giornate degli Autori) programme. A total of 11 films were selected for this programme, aimed at encouraging original and innovative film expression of authors from all over the world. Oasis is the director’s second feature fiction, while his debut Barbarians (2014) won the Special Jury Prize at the Karlovy Vary IFF.

Oasis tells a story about three teenagers who live in an institution for people with special needs and need to navigate newfound feelings of desire as well as envy, when an unexpected love triangle forms between them, threatening to spill over into confrontation and desperate measures for any way out. The film was shot in an actual institution and features its young residents in their first ever attempt at performing. It takes us into a world that we all look away from in order to tell a powerful story about what it means to be alive, needed and loved, and how life will always find a way to burst through the cracks.

The two main adult roles of educators were performed by the Croatian actor Goran Bogdan and the Slovenian actress Maruša Majer, who gave the following statement for the newspaper Delo: “The filming of Oasis represented an intense film and human experience. In the institution Sremčica, where we shot the film, I met a series of very sincere, open, and interesting people, who, even though we had only just met, introduced me to a completely different understanding of interpersonal relationships. The same honest, candid, and straightforward attitude that they show in their personal relations is also reflected in front of the camera. I have learned a lot from my young co-actors as well as witnessed moments of an incredible and very rare acting intuition. Not many people are able to expose their souls and hearts to such a degree. I have also enjoyed working with Goran Bogdan.”

The cast also includes Marijana Novakov, Tijana Marković, Valentino Zenuni, Milica Đinđić and Saša Strugar. The crew consists of: Miloš Jačimović (director of photography); Senka Domanović, Bogosav Apostolović and Petar Pešut (assistant directors); Aleksandar Perović (sound); Ranko Pauković (sound mix), Marija Stojanović (production manager); Katarina Popović (unit production manager); Dragan Von Petrović (editor); Dragana Baćović (production design); Milica Kolarić (costumes); and the Slovenian Tina Šubic Dodočić (make-up).

The film is a Serbian-Slovenian-Dutch-Bosnian-French coproduction, made with the participation of the Slovenian production company Tramal Films and the producers Miha Černec and Jožko Rutar. The main producer is the Serbian production company Sense, while the Dutch Kepler Film, the French Les Films d’ Antoine and SCCA/ from Bosnia in Hercegovina are the coproducers.

The film was shot with the financial support of the Slovenian Film Centre and the other national film funds. It also received resources from the European funds of Eurimages and Creative Europe – MEDIA.