The Slovenian Film Centre supports eight minority co-production projects

17. May 2019
At the latest call for applications, the Slovenian Film Centre provided support in the total amount of EUR 420,000 to eight minority co-production projects (six live-action features, a documentary feature, and a live-action short).

Three projects come from the Republic of Serbia: Uporabniki (director: Ivan Ikić, Slovenian co-producer: Tramal Films); Bog bodi z nami (director: Slobodan Šijan, Slovenian co-producer: Studio Virc); Razpoka v ledu (director: Maja Miloš, Slovenian co-producer: Zavod SPOK, Tolmin).

Two are from Croatia: Fiume o Morte! (director: Igor Bezinović, Slovenian co-producer: Zavod Nosorogi) and Kazenski strel (director; Rok Biček, Slovenian co-producer: Cvinger film).

Finally, Gym comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina (director: Srdjan Vuletić, Slovenian co-producer: Iridium Film); Homo from North Macedonia (director: Igor Ivanov, Slovenian co-producer: Iridium Film); and Telesce from Italy (director: Laura Samani, Slovenian co-producer: Vertigo).