Co-production agreement between Slovenia and France

25. May 2011
The Ministers of Culture Majda Širca and Frédéric Mitterand have signed a film co‑production agreement in Brussels.

The agreement on the cinematographic co‑production between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the French Republic shall represent the foundation for the cooperation in the field of cinematographic co‑production between both states. Namely, the French Republic and the Republic of Slovenia are signatories of the European Convention on Co‑productions. However, in order to ensure cinematographic co‑productions, France called for the signature of an additional bilateral agreement. The acquisition of foreign co‑production partners can indirectly increase the scope of cinematographic co‑productions, other sources of financing, as well as the cinematographic market for the screening and marketing of films.

The agreement addresses the relations in the field of cinematographic activities with regard to the legislation of both states in this area. Pursuant to this agreement the co‑produced works shall be entitled to concessions or aids regulated by law as well as incentives in the field of Slovenian and French cinematography. The purpose of the agreement is to encourage Slovenian‑French co‑productions, resulting in a larger market and better opportunities for the cooperation of artistic and executive staff in the field of cinematography. The agreement also envisions the encouragement of mutual distribution and film promotion as well as education in the field of cinematography.

To date Slovenia has participated in two co‑productions with French producers: No Man's Land (2001) and Circus Columbia (2010). Both films have been directed by the Bosnian director Danis Tanović, whose film No Man's Land has also won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.