9:06 Slovenian entry for Oscar

06. October 2010
The feature "9:06" by the writer and director Igor Šterk, produced by A.A.C.Productions, has been selected as the Slovenian candidate for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

A police inspector investigates an unusual suicide case. The investigation develops into an obsession, inspector starts living in the apartment of the deceased, digging through his life and gradually taking over his identity
The director Igor Šterk said about the film:
"In the time you watch the film at least 20 people commit suicide in Europe, and another 100 in the rest of the world.
Every year in the world 1.2 million people commit suicide.
Slovenia is among five countries with the highest suicide rate in the world.
The suicide rate in my country is so high that in a group photo of any high school class in Slovenia, there is at least one schoolmate in picture who will commit suicide eventually. Sadly enough, the photo of my high school class is no exception.«
The film was written by Igor Šterk and Siniša Dragin, directed by Igor Šterk and worked on by the director of photography Simon Tanšek, editor Petar Marković , production designer Nataša Rogelj, costumes designer Katja Rosa, sound designer Julij Zornik and make up designer Gabrijela Fleishman. It was produced by Frenk Celarc and Cristoph Thoke for the Mogador production house (Germany).
Starring Igor Samobor,Labina Mitevska, Silva Čušin, Pavle Ravnohrib, Gregor Baković, Jana Zupančič.
The film was backed by Slovenian Film Fund and ZDF/Arte.