Two Awards for Slovenian Films

25. October 2009
On Saturday, October 24,the Valencia Film Festival closed its doors. The Award for best actress went to Nina Ivanišin, for her role of Aleksandra in Damjan Kozole film Slovenian Girl.

Nina Ivanišin is the second Slovenian actress to have received an award at this festival. More than a decade ago the Award for Best Actress went to Nataša Barbara Gračner for her role of Carmen in the film with the same title by Metod Pevec.
On Friday, 23 October, Martin Turk received an Award for Best Short Film and EUR 1500 at the 7th Zagreb Film Festival for his work Everyday is not the Same. He shared the award with the Dutch film Missen by Jochem de Vries. In Slovenia you can currently see this film together with the film We've Never Been to Venice by the director Blaž Kutin.