Miha Hočevar working on a new full length youth film Let's Go Our Way

31. July 2009
For more than a month, the full length youth film entitled "Let's Go Our Way" by the director and screenwriter Miha Hočevar has been filmed around Bovec, where the majority of the material will be completed, while the rest will be shot on Pokljuka, Kanin, Zelenica and in the vicinity of Ljubljana.

The film is produced by the Vertigo / Emotionfilm production house from Ljubljana, co produced by the RTV Slovenia, and co financed by the Slovenian Film Fund.

During several auditions that took place last year as well as this year, the director Hočevar selected, out of several hundred young actors, those who are to portray young scouts and athletes whose lives get very complicated during their camping trip. So the main roles went to the following film debutants: Tadej Koren Šmid as Aleks, Jure Kreft as Zaspanc, Matevž Štular as Jaka, Gaja Pegan Nahtigal (Maja), Pia Korbar (Karmen), Žiga Krajnčan (Emil), Teodor Popovič (Pupika), Erik Oprešnik (Janez), Vili Frahm (Martin) and Matej Zemljič (as Ptičar Marko).

Besides them the following actors appear: Jurij Zrnec (as Scout Leader), Jana Zupančič (as the cook), Ajda Toman (as Camp Leader) as well as Luka Cimprič and Uroš Kaurin (as guides).

Simon Tanšek is the director of photography, Miha Ferkov the production designer, Polonca Valentinčič the costumes designer, Olga Toni the editor, Mojca Gorogranc the make up designer, and the film is produced by Danijel Hočevar.

"Let's Go Our Way" is finally a new youth film to be screened in the Slovenian cinemas in a long time. We hope that the viewers will enjoy many humorous and emotional developments between these fascinating young and adult heroes, taking place at the breathtaking locations of the Triglav National Park, conjuring up a hymn to nature, innocent children's souls, common sense, love, humour and an optimistic outlook on life.

The film is to be completed before the end of this year, while the cinema release is planned for the next spring.

Already in the beginning of his studies (film direction at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television), Miha Hočevar started actively working on film and television as assistant and director. He mostly makes his living by working on commercial projects. He shot a couple hundred commercials, among them some extraordinary hits. He also shot three feature films: Fuckit (2000), In the Mountains (2003) and Distortion (2009).