We've never been to Venice is competing in Estoril and Torino

16. November 2008
This year in August, the first film by Blaž Kutin We've Never Been to Venice was presented to the international audience for the first time in the competition programme of the Sarajevo Film Festival. In November this Slovenian film shall be shown in as many as two competition programmes.

From 14 to 22 November the International Film Festival is taking place in Estoril, supervised by the most famous Portugal producer and distributor Paulo Branco, one of the most respected names of European film. Blaž Kutin's film will compete for the main award in the amount of EUR 20 000, together with thirteen other European films: two from France, two from Spain, one from Portugal, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Italy and as many as three from Russia. The motto of Estoril competition programme is "a mix of the most interesting and innovative productions, bringing together originality and freedom of new approaches in filmmaking."

The film We've Never Been to Venice will be shown on Tuesday, 18 November. Starring Aljoša Ternovšek, Iva Krajnc, Peter Ternovšek and Tadej Toš. It is a story of relationships among the nearest and dearest, facing the worst pain possible.
Besides the competition programme, Estoril also features the tribute to the great Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci and the retrospective of one of the most original American directors - Tim Burton.

From 21 to 29 November the Torino Film Festival is taking place, managed by another important name of European film: the Italian director Nanni Moretti. The international competition programme is the most important section of the festival, intended for the discovery of new contemporary filmmakers. This year 15 films shall compete for the title of Best Film and the award in the amount of EUR 25 000, among them 8 first films. Europe is represented by 7 films (Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, and co productions from France/Germany, Ireland/Great Britain and Portugal/Brasil), 3 titles from the United States, one from Mexico, 1 co production from Chile/Brasil, 1 Canadian film, 1 Australian film and one film from China.

This festival is also famous for the events accompanying it. This year that will include as many as three retrospectives: Roman Polanski, Jean-Pierre Melville and the British renaissance from the 1980s.
Blaž Kutin's film will be shown on Tuesday, 25 November, when the stars of the film Aljoša Ternovšek and Iva Krajnc will also present themselves besides the director. The repeats are scheduled for Wednesday, 26 November, and Thursday, 27 November.
The film We've Never Been to Venice will be the first Slovenian film at the Estoril festival, while a Slovenian film will be shown again in Torino after three years. In 2005 the film Gravehopping by Jan Cvitkovič was the star of that festival - it received the Best Film Award and the Holden Award for Best Script.