A short film by Igor Šterk in Venice Competition

12. August 2008
The short film Every Breath You Take by Igor Šterk has been invited to the competition programme of the 65.Venice Film Festival,

The Venice Film Festival is the oldest as well as one of the most important film festivals in the world - besides those in Cannes and Berlin. This year's festival is the 65th in the row, and it is taking place from 27 August to 6 September 2008.
Corto Cortissimo is the Venice Film Festival programme, presenting films shorter than 30 minutes. This year 18 competing films are going to be presented in three full length screenings, while short films out of the competition for the awards will be shown in the fourth screening. Short films, selected for the competition at the Venice Film Festival, were chosen from among 1400 short films which had applied, so this is an extraordinary success for the Slovenian film! The opening film of the Corto Cortissimo program is the American short live action film Eve by the actress and now also a director Natalie Portman (she appeared in Star Wars, Leon, V for Vendetta, The Darjeeling Limited, etc.).
The films shall be evaluated by a jury, consisting of three members: the American director, producer and writer Amos Poe, the Italian critic and publicist Gianni Rondolino and the Portuguese producer Joanna Vicente. Out of the presented 18 films, the jury will select three, which will receive the following awards: The Corto Cortissimo Lion for Best Short Film, the UIP Award for Best European Short Film and a Special Jury Acknowledgement.
The short live action film Every Breath You Take by Igor Šterk focuses on a family tragedy after a traffic accident, in which the mother is killed while the son remains in a coma. The father and daughter, each individually, try to get on with their lives. The whole narration of the film is presented from a special perspective - human breathing.
Starring Igor Samobor and Enya Belak. The makers of the film: director Igor Šterk, co writers Igor Šterk and Siniša Dragin, director of photography Simon Tanšek, editor Petar Marković, producer Danijel Hočevar and others.
The film was produced by Vertigo / Emotionfilm and co produced by RTV Slovenia, A.A.C. Productions from Ljubljana and Viba Film Studio. The film was financially supported by the Slovenian Film Fund.
The Slovenian audience will be able to see the film at the Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož in October 2008.
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