Slovenian Film Retrospective

02. April 2001
This year's first slovenian film retrospective took place in
Prague, Czech Republic is the first of this year's retrospectives and it took place between 16 April and 18 April 2001. The last Slovenian film retrospective was shown at the 27th International Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier, France (27 October-5 November 2000), where a selection of Slovenian films through history was shown. In Prague, the following full-length films were shown: Franci Slak: When I Close My Eyes
Metod Pevec: Carmen
Igor Šterk: Express Express
Andrej Košak: Outsider
Janez Burger: Idle Running
Damjan Kozole: Porno Film The retrospective has been prepared by the Slovenian Film Fund in co-operation with Slovenian students at the distinguished academy FAMU in Prague. In the text introducing the films the organizers have written that film is a complex work of art intended for the amusement of the viewers as well as a means of communication between the author and the audience. The message conveyed by the work of art itself is most important. Since the showing of films is an opportunity for a get-together, the organizers have prepared six full-length film projections and thus invited the audience on a short tour of the Slovenian cinematography of the last decade. You will be able to find out more about the Slovenian film retrospective in Berlin, Germany, which is to take place between 26 April and 30 April 2001, in the next news from the world of the film festivals.