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07. April 2001
During the 4th festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož Slovenian films have also been shown elsewhere. Our last year's most successful short film
Hop, Skip & Jump from the director Srdjan Vuletiæ received the Award for Best Film at the International Mediterranean Film Festival in Tetuan, Maroko (24 March - 31 March 2001). Right before the start of the Slovenian Film Festival the Award for Best Film went to Boris Palčič for his short film The Poem To My Homeland, which was presented to the African public at the 6th International Film and Video Festival in Tebessa, Algiers (27 March - 31 March 2001). During the Portorož festival, the short film Lassie Returns by Jan Zakonjšek was shown at the Short Film Festival in Lille, France (27 March - 31 March 2001). Idle Running had a guest appearance at the Young European Film Festival in Torun, Poland (5 April - 8 April 2001), where in the last two years the films Outsider by Andrej Košak and Dark Angels by Sašo Podgoršek were shown.