25. April 2001
Slovenian films will also be presented at the Slovenian Film Retrospective in
Berlin. After the retrospective in Prague this is going to be the second Slovenian film retrospective this year. The following selection of full-length and short films are going to be shown: Full-length films:
Expres Expres by Igor Šterk;
The Raft of Medusa by Karpo Godina
Fuckit by Miha Hočevar
Idle Running by Janez Burger
Outsider by Andrej Košak
The Red Boogie by Karpo Godina
Dance in the Rain by Boštjan Hladnik Short films:
Adrian by Maja Weiss
The Old Bridge by Vlado Škafar
The Balkans Roulette by Zdravko Barišič
The Poem To My Homeland by Boris Palčič
F by Janja Glogovac
Hop, Skip & Jumpa by Srdjan Vuletiæ
The Smile by Janez Lapajne
My First Cut by Zdravko Barišič
Xanadu by Urška Žnidaršič The films have been chosen by Bernd Buder, a regular guest at the Portoro? Film Festival. He also co-operates with the Cottbus Film Festival and with the Berliner Filmkunsthaus Babylon, where the aforementioned films are going to be shown. The films he has chosen represent a glimpse of the history of Slovenian film, which is quite different from the Prague retrospective where the full-length films of the last decade have been shown. The last Slovenian film retrospective in Berlin took place in 1995, from April 22 to March 26. On that occasion four full-length films and a selection of student films were shown in the Arsenal Cinema and thus the German audience got to know the films of the 80s and the 90s. During the retrospective a round table about contemporary Slovenian film will take place at the Berliner Filmkunsthaus Babylon. The directors Janez Burger and Karpo Godina, the distributers Thorsten Frehse and Wigbert Moschall, and Nerina T. Kocjančič, the representative of the Slovenian Film Fund, are going to contribute. The Slovenian film retrospective has been organized by the Slovenian Film Fund in co-operation with the Berliner Filmkunsthaus Babylon, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Berlin, Izidor Pečovnik, the catholic community representative in Berlin, and with the aid of the German foreign affairs office.