18. May 2001
From June 4 to June 6 a retrospective of Slovenian and Croatian film is to be prepared in Sofia, Bulgaria, during the
6th Festival of European Co-productions. Three films are going to be presented to the Bulgarian audience: Outsider by Andrej Košak, Porno Film by Damjan Kozole and Fuckit by Miha Hočevar. The retrospective is being prepared by the Bulgarian National Film Centre in co-operation with the Slovenian Film Fund. During the aforementioned festival the Bulgarian National Film Centre is also going to organise the third meeting of the South Eastern European Cinema Network, which supports mutual co-production between the members, prepares international seminars and strives for international exchange of film academy students. The director of the Slovenian Film Fund, Mr. Filip Robar Dorin, is going to attend the meeting.