Berlin after Berlin

18. May 2001
The Slovenian Film Retrospective is moving from Berlin to
Frankfurt. From May 18 to May 30 2001 the films already presented to the Berlin audience are going to be shown in the Deutsches Filmmuseum. Full-length films:
Expres Expres by Igor Šterk;
The Raft of Medusa by Karpo Godina
Fuckit by Miha Hočevar
Idle Running by Janez Burger
Outsider by Andrej Košak
The Red Boogie by Karpo Godina
Dance in the Rain by Boštjan Hladnik Short films:
Adrian by Maja Weiss
The Old Bridge by Vlado Škafar
The Balkans Roulette by Zdravko Barišič
The Poem To My Homeland by Boris Palčič
F by Janja Glogovac
Hop, Skip & Jumpa by Srdjan Vuletiæ
The Smile by Janez Lapajne
My First Cut by Zdravko Barišič
Xanadu by Urška Žnidaršič The presentation of Slovenian films abroad continues, since this is already the third Slovenian film retrospective this year. This is without doubt an enviable number, especially if we take into account the fact that retrospectives are, in addition to film festivals, an important part of the promotion of Slovenian films. As Bernd Buder says, in this way the Slovenian film production is becoming easier to identify. Bernd Buder, who has prepared the aforementioned selection of films, has been a guest of the Portorož Film Festival for many years. He also co-operates with the Cottbus Film Festival and with the Berliner Filmkunsthaus Babylon. The Berlin film retrospective also made an impact on the German media. One of the more interesting statements is the following one: "You will go home after having learned something completely new: they yodel in Slovenia. When that fact becomes more widely known the integration of Slovenia into the European Union or at least into the Bavarian - Austrian region is not going to be questionable anymore." -- Maximilian Preisler, radio SFB/ORB.