An award in Cannes!

21. May 2001
"You will go home after having learned something completely new: they
No Man's Land receives the award for best screen play. The film has been shot in Slovenia and will be shown during the 54th Cannes Film Festival in France (9 to 20 May 2001). It is a French-Belgian-Slovenian-English-Italian co-production, co-financed by the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia through the producers Casablanca and Studio Maj. The chief producer of the film is the French production house Noe Productions, known to us for their co-producing the films Before the Rain by Milčo Mančevski and The Adopted Son from the director Aktan Abdikalikov. The rest of the co-producers are: Man's Films, Bruxelles, Belgium; Judy Couniham Films Ltd., London, Great Britain; Fabrica, Italy; and the aforementioned Slovenian co-producers. Casablanca is known for its production of the full-length motion picture Blues for Sara while Studio Maj took over the executive production. No Man's Land is a war film about three soldiers of opposing armies who end up on no man's land between two fronts. It is a tale of simple men forced into a whirl of national hatred and political games. Their story is full of irony and cynical humor. The film is not dealing with who started the war. It is a tale of the meaninglessness of war. The cast includes excellent actors from Slovenia and from the rest of the countries in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Let us mention but a few of them: Branko Djurič - Ðuro, Rene Bitorajac, Filip Šovagoviæ, Mustafa Nadareviæ, Tanja Ribič, Zvone Hribar, Brane Završan, Primož Petkovšek. Besides these actors international film stars take part in this film, for example, Katrin Cartlidge (Breaking of Waves, Before the Rain, Career Girls, Naked) and Simon Callow (Shakespeare In Love, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Amadeus, Maurice, etc). The film is produced by Èedomir Kolar (Noe Productions), the location manager is Igor Pediček (Casablanca), executive producer: Dunja Klemenc (Studio Maj), director of photography: Walter Vanden Ende (he also worked on the full-length motion picture Farinelli - the Globe Award for best film and nominated for the Academy Award for best foreign film), assistant director: Vanja Aljinoviæ (co-operated with Milčo Mančevski, Ben Gazzaro, Terence Hill, Lordan Zafranoviæ, Slobodan Šijan, Rajko Grliæ, etc.), scenographer: Dušan Milavec, costumographer: Zvonka Makuc to name just a few of the artists.