Bread and Milk at the Venice Festival

03. June 2001
After No Man's Land has been accepted into the Cannes Film Festival competition program, we have finally witnessed a Slovenian film,
accepted into the Venice Film Festival (August 29 to September 8, 2001) after exactly thirty-six years. The film that succeeded at this is the full-length film Bread and Milk, the first film by the screenwriter and director Jan Cvitkovič. The film was selected for the New Territories programme. It was produced by Vertigo/Emotionfilm and co-produced by TV Slovenia and VPK with the financial aid from the Slovenian Film Fund. Peter Musevski and Sonja Saviæ, who also received the actors' awards from the newspaper Stop at this year's 4th Slovenian Film Festival in Portotož, play the main roles. The film is going to compete with seventeen other debutants from other sections for the Lion of the Future - the "Luigi De Laurentis" Venice First Film Award. How difficult it is to get an invitation for this important festival is illustrated by the fact that more than 2000 films were sent there for the selection and only as little as 80 films were then actually accepted into the programme of the festival! Slovenian films were regular guests at the Venice Film Festival during the fifties: Kekec 1952, Parvenus 1953 and Moments of Decision 1955. The last Slovenian film shown at this festival was Good Luck, Kekec in 1965, Gale's second film from the famous shepherd-boy trilogy.