The 8th Paliæ Intl. Film Festival

03. June 2001
At the festival, which is going to take place between July 20 and July 27 2001, five Slovenian films are to be shown in different sections of the fest ...
Sweet Dreams (Sašo Podgoršek) - competition section
Rascals! (Miran Zupanič) - the "Crossroads" section
Fortress Europe (Želimir Žilnik) - the "Parallels and Collisions" section
Tito (Janja Glogovac) - the "Parallels and Collisions" section The festival in Paliæ will be the first international film festival for the films Sweet Dreams by Sašo Podgoršek. For Miran Zupanič's Rascals! this will be the second international film festival, while it will be the third festival for Fortress Europe by Želimir Žilnik and Tito by Janja Glogovac. Last year, Damjan Kozole's Porno Film received the award for best film from the film critics and the audience.