No Mans Land After Cannes

15. June 2001
The film
No Man's Land by Danis Tanoviæ, which received the award for best screen play in Cannes, will open the French cinema distribution on September 9 in Paris. Slovenia took part in the production of the film by sharing the knowledge of the production houses Casablanca and Studio Maj. The film was co-financed by the Slovenian Film Fund. The Slovenian distribution of the film will take place after the presentation at the Ljubljana Film Festival in November. On June 22 No Man's Land is going to be shown at the Pesaro International Film Festival in Italy at the central city square. In the next three months the film is going to be shown at all the international film festivals of the former Yugoslavia. In this way the terrain for the cinema distribution is going to be prepared. The film is going to appear in the competition section of the Vojvodina's Paliæ International Film Festival in the end of July, and in the Istrian town of Motovun, where films from all over Europe are to be traditionally shown for the third time this year in the beginning of August. In the end of August the film is going to Sarajevo, where it is to open the 7th International Film Festival. In September the film will be shown at the 6th Split Film Festival, and in October at the festival in Bitola, Macedonia, where the prizes for best cinematography are going to be awarded for the twenty-first year in a row.