21. June 2001
The 48th Pula Film Festival is to take place in Pula, Croatia, between June 22 and June 30 2001. Besides the local achievements in cinematography this festival is going to host the international works of film art. Two Slovenian full-length films are to be shown at this festival of Croatian and European film. Miran Zupančič's Barabe! is to be shown on the first day of the festival, Friday, 22 June 2001. This film is still being shown in Slovenian cinemas. For Barabel this is going to be the first international film festival. On Thursday, 28 June 2001, a day before the closing of the festival, Vojko Anzeljc's film The Last Supper is to be shown. After the Russian film festival in Sochi, where the film won a special jury diploma, the film is going to be presented to the Croatian audience.