October Film Trails

02. October 2001
The hot festival autumn has just begun, and the guest appearances of Slovenian films abroad are a proof of that. They will be shown at
twelve festivals across the world. Sweet Dreams has begun its tour of Slovenian cinemas as we speak, but at the same time this film can also be seen by the film festival audiences abroad. In Haifa (Israel) Sweet Dreams could be seen in the beginning of October. From there the film went on to Valencia, Spain, where it made its way into the competition program. Several years ago Košak's Outsider was as successful as to receive two awards at this festival. At the same time the festival in Brazil's Sao Paolo is taking place. Besides Sweet Dreams, The Last Supper by Vojko Anzeljc and Bread and Milk by Jan Cvitkovič are also going there. After Brazil, Sweet Dreams are headed for Florida to the 16th Lauderdale Film Festival, which is known to be the longest film festival in the world. In the end of October Sweet Dreams are going to participate at the Cinema Tout Ecran film festival in Geneva. For Cvitkovič's lion this, naturally, is not the only festival in October: between October 4 and October 15 it was shown at the 17th Warsaw Film Festival. Damjan Kozole's Porno Film, another one from the E-motion film production, was also shown at this festival. For this film it was the twenty-second festival. After Warsaw Bread and Milk is going to compete in Kiev, where Šterk's Express Express and Burger's Idle Running have already received their awards. The participation of Slovenian films is going to be very prominent at the Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival, where the Slovenian film retrospective took place last year. In the competition program for the Golden Antigone Bread and Milk is going to be shown, while Sweet Dreams is to be shown in the program for the audience award. Mazzini's debut You Are Free. Decide. and the student film With Love by Marko Naberšnik, the main winner of the "Zlatolaska" student's prize, are going to be shown in the short film competition program. These two are not the only short films at the festivals in October. The short film F by Janja Glogovac, which was recorded in co-operation with the Prague school FAMU, is going to be shown at the festival in Leeds (Great Britain) in the end of October. The British were also enthusiastic about the film Hop, Skip & Jump, the winner of the Berlin short film section Panorama two years ago. This film was directed by Srdjan Vuletiæ and this is its thirty-first festival presentation! Glassworker's Blues by Harry Rag is going to its fifth festival. It is going to be shown in the competition program of the 44th International Documentary and Short Film Festival in Leipzig.