The Shooting of a Co-production

04. December 2001
On Saturday, 1 December, the shooting of a Slovenian-Greek-French co- production full-length film
Lily's Story started on Kanin. The film is directed by Robert Manthoulis, a renowned older generation Greek director living in Paris. French actors of Greek origin, Bruno Putzulu and Yorgo Voyagis, and the Italian film star Anna Galiena, are starring in the film. Before they arrived to Slovenia the film had already been shot in Greece, then the shooting was finished in Hungary, and now the work will proceed in Slovenia. The film was supported financially by Eurimages, the European film fund, but the Slovenian share of 13 percent is also important. Besides the Slovenian Film Fund and Viba Film the producers Igor Pediček, the production house Casablanca and Dunja Klemenc, the production house Studio Maj, also co-operate as co-producers and executive producers in the Slovenian share of the production.