Venice - Rotterdam - Berlin

21. January 2002
After Venice and Rotterdam it is time to go to
Berlin where the world premiere of Guardian of the Frontier by Maja Weiss is going to take place. Guardian Of The Frontier, the first full-length film by Maja Weiss, is to be shown in the Panorama Section on 14 February.

After The Felons by Franci Slak, shown in the competition program in 1988, and Hop, Skip & Jump by Srdjan Vuletiæ, which was shown in the year 2000 in the Panorama Section and received the award for best short film, another Slovenian film, Guardian of the Frontier, is going to be shown at one of the most important European film festivals.

Guardian of the Frontier is a film about three girls who decide to go on a summer canoe trip down the river Kolpa. Their journey becomes a journey of fear when they discover that the woods hide not only the border between Slovenia and Croatia, but also the border between the permissible and the forbidden. It is the self-appointed Guardian of the Frontier who draws the line.

Pia Zemljič, Tanja Potočnik and Iva Kranjc play the three girls, while the guardian of the frontier is the celebrity TV show host Jonas Žnidaršič.