Lively March and Intense April

14. March 2002
The spring expeditions of Slovenian films to film festivals abroad are in full force. It will be possible to see our films in fourteen different countries on three continents. Thirteen film festivals are taking place in the lively month of March and fourteen in intense April. The results for individual films are as follows ...
  1. Bread And Milk by Jan Cvitkovic – 7 festivals
  2. The Last Supper by Vojko Anzeljc – 7 festivals
  3. Sweet Dreams by Saso Podgorsek – 4 festivals
  4. Glazier Blues by Harry Rag – 3 festivals
  5. The Guardian of the Frontier by Maja Weiss – 2 festivals
  6. Ode to the Poet by Martin Srebotnjak – 2 festivals
  7. F by Janja Glogovac – 2 festivals
  8. Ljubljana by Igor Sterk – 1 festival
  9. Lassie Returns by Jan Zakonjsek – 1 festival
If we look at their schedule more closely the following map reveals itself to us:

Bread And Milk by Jan Cvitkovič had its English premiere in Bradford (9 March – 23 March 2002), where it was invited thanks to the journalist Neil Young. He saw it at the Estonian festival in Tallinn and was so taken by the film that he recommended it to the programme management of the festival. They placed the film into the section Shine Features.

On the territory of former Yugoslavia Bread And Milk is to be shown in Skopje (15 March – 24 March 2002), while in April it is going to appear at five new festivals. First the German audience will once again be able to see it at the festival Grenzland Filmtage in Selb (4 April – 7 April 2002). The film will also be presented in Singapore (11 April – 27 April 2002), Istanbul (13 April – 28 April 2002), and Italian Salerno (20 April – 27 April 2002), where it is going to compete for awards. To the film that received the Venetian Lion we wish more awards.

The Americans will have the opportunity to see Bread And Milk in Minneapolis (5 April – 20 April 2002), where they are going to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the festival. It could happen that the audience would recognise the director from his acting debut in the film Idle Running by Janez Burger, which made an excellent impression on them two years ago. At this festival Sweet Dreams by Sašo Podgoršek is also going to be shown; this film is going to tour the American festivals in March and April. Before Minneapolis Sweet Dreams will have been shown in Philadelphia (4 April – 15 April 2002), and in Cleveland (14 March – 24 March 2002) even before that. Sašo Podgoršek is going to present his film also at the International Festival of Film for Children and Youth in Malmo, Sweden (12 March – 17 March 2002), where Sweet Dreams are going to appear in the competition programme. Besides Sweet Dreams Maja Weiss’s Guardian of the Frontier, which has received an award in Berlin, will also have a new opportunity for awards. It is going to compete at the 24th International Women Directors Festival in Creteille, France (15 March – 24 March 2002). The French festival is one of the most important festivals for female filmmakers. During its twenty-four years of existence it has made several female directors famous. At this festival Maja Weiss has already won the award from Canal+ for best film for her short film Adrian. From France Guardian of the Frontier will travel on to the United States, where it is going to have its premiere at the Festival of Gay and Lesbian Film in Miami (25 April – 5 May 2002). The director Maja Weiss is going to present her film in Creteille as well as in Miami.

Igor Šterk participated at the opening of the action Molodist Against Drug Addiction in Kiev, Ukraine (7 March – 31 March 2002) with his film Ljubljana. The whole movement, whose intention was to fight the worldwide drug addiction problem, took place in more than 20 countries all over the world.

Martin Srebotnjak and his Ode to the Poet continue their tour of the film festivals. Bulgarian audience will be able to enjoy the film in Sofia (14 March to 28 March 2002), while the visitors of the Festival of the Young European Film in Torun, Poland will be able to see it between 17 April and 21 April 2002. The programme committee of this festival expressed great enthusiasm for Slovenian humour in their invitation, and wrote that the film was genuine fun to watch.

Slovenian humour has also made an impact on the organisers of the Short Film Festival in Lille, France (12 March – 16 March 2002). They chose the film Lassie Returns by Jan Zakonjšek for the special section of the festival - black humour. The film was already shown at this festival last year.

After a short break from the festivals Janja Glogovac’s film F came into the competition programme of the 9th International Female Film Festival in Torino, Italy (4 March – 10 March 2002). It is also going to be shown at the Mediterranean Festival of New Film Makers in Larissa, Greece (1 April – 7 April 2002).

Our most successful film in this moment is Glazier Blues by Harry Rag. In April it will be presented at the Short Film Festival in Aspen, USA (9 April – 13 April 2002). After that it is travelling to the neighbouring country Canada for Hot Docs – the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival (26 April – 5 May 2002). In Toronto the audience is going to be able to take a look at it in the competition programme of one of the most important festivals of documentary film.

Glazier Blues with other short films will have the opportunity of opening the goEast – The Festival of Cental and East-European Film in Wiesbaden, Germany (10 April – 17 April 2002). Vojko Anzeljc’s The Last Supper is also going to appear at this festival.

The Last Supper is heading for a tour of the following American cities in the spring: Durango (1 March – 10 March 2002), Wilmington (20 March – 24 March 2002), Houston (5 April – 14 April 2002), and Muskogee (17 April – 21 April 2002). The film has also received two awards; the Special Jury Award at the festival in Rome, Italy (26 February – 28 February 2002), and the Grand Jury Award at the Independent Film Festival in Washington, USA (28 February – 7 March 2002).