A Retrospective In Budapest

24. April 2002
The first Slovenian film retrospective this year took place between
11 April to 13 April in Budapest, Hungary. It was prepared by the Slovenian Film Fund in co-operation with the Slovenian embassy in Budapest and the distribution house Budapest Film.

The following full-length films have been shown: Bread And Milk by Jan Cvitkovič, Fuckit by Miha Hočevar, The Last Supper by Vojko Anzeljc, Sweet Dreams by Sašo Podgoršek and Idle Running by Janez Burger.

The following short films have also been presented to the Hungarian audience: Adrian by Maja Weiss, Glazier Blues by Harry Rag, Hop Skip & Jump by Srdjan Vuletiæ, Lassie Returns by Jan Zakonjšek and The Poem To My Homeland by Boris Palčič.

The retrospective, which had a large audience, was opened by Jan Cvitkovič's first film Bread And Milk, while Miha Hočevar's first film Fuckit was seen by the greatest number of people.