Guardian Awarded in Miami

16. May 2002
A new award to the director Maja Weiss, this time in Miami, USA, for her first film.

The first showing of Guardian of the Frontier in USA, which took place on 5 May at the 4th Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Miami, resulted in a new award for the Slovenian director Maja Weiss. At the festival, which with its specific program focuses above all on gay and lesbian topics, Maja Weiss received a special jury award for the first film. There, Guardian of the Frontier was among other things presented as a surrealistic and tense allegory on the risks, provoked by liberated female sexuality in a world that is still mainly "men's world".

At the relatively young festival, which is visited by increasing numbers of spectators each year, more than 60 full-length films, short films and documentaries were shown, and the authors came from USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Slovenia, Spain, Argentina and South Africa.

The award at the Miami Film Festival is a special acknowledgement for Guardian of the Frontier as well as for the team that created it, and for Slovenian film in general. Since this is the first Slovenian film that deals with female homoeroticism, the award at a gay and lesbian film festival is even more precious. From the point of view of crossing the frontiers and setting them up, which is the topic of Guardian of the Frontier, this kind of acknowledgement represents a warning and, at the same time, stimulation for understanding and accepting all kinds of homoerotic orientation in Slovenia. In this sense Maja Weiss' debut represents a new challenge for the Slovenian audience, authors in the field of culture and to the Slovenian society in general.