May And June Abroad

28. May 2002
  1. Guardian of the Frontier by Maja Weiss: Boston - United States, Sochi – Russia, New York – United States, San Francisco – United States;
  2. Ljubljana by Igor Sterk: Seattle – United States, Valencia – Spain, St. Petersburg – Russia;
  3. Sweet Dreams by Saso Podgorsek: Seattle – United States, Setubal – Portugal, St. Petersburg – Russia;
  4. Bread And Milk by Jan Cvitkovic: Setubal – Portugal, Helsinki – Finland, Sydney – Australia;
  5. Glazier Blues by Harry Rag: Tubingen – Germany, Huesca – Spain;
  6. Socialisation of the Bull? by Zvonko Coh and Milan Eric: Trebon – Czech Republic, Kecskemet – Hungary;
  7. The Last Supper by Vojko Anzeljc: Setubal – Portugal;
  8. Idle Runningby Janez Burger: Helsinki – Finland;
  9. Porno Film by Damjan Kozole: Setubal – Portugal;
  10. Express Express by Igor Sterk: Setubal – Portugal;
  11. Perkmandeljc by Dusan Kastelic: Zagreb – Croatia;
  12. Crossroads 2 by Franci Slak and Milos Radosavljevic: Zagreb – Croatia.
Six of our films (Ljubljana, Guardian of the Frontier, Sweet Dreams, Bread And Milk, Glazier Blues and Perkmandeljc) are going to compete for prestigious awards at the festivals. We wish them a lot of success and even more viewers! Guardian of the Frontier by Maja Weiss, which won the award for the first film at the gay and lesbian film festival in Miami, is going to continue its tour of the United States by appearing at the festivals with the aforementioned topic in Boston, New York and San Francisco. The director Maja Weiss is going to present her film at the biggest and oldest film festival with this topic, which is to take place between 13 June and 30 June in San Francisco. This time the film will compete for the $10.000 award for Best First Feature. Guardian of the Frontier will also compete on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean at the 9th International Film Festival in the Russian city of Sochi between 3 June and 13 June. Ljubljana by Igor Sterk is going to compete at the 17th Cinema Jove International Film Festival, which lasts from 15 June to 22 June in Valencia, Spain. Then it will compete together with Sweet Dreams by Saso Podgorsek in Russia at the Festival of all Festivals in St. Petersburg, which is going to take place between 23 June and 29 June. Ljubljana will also compete in the United States, where the film was chosen for the competition program of the 28th Seattle International Film Festival. The festival has already begun on 23 May and is going to last for as long as 16 June. Saso Podgorsek's Sweet Dreams is also going to appear at that festival. The Portuguese audience will be able to see as many as 5 Slovenian films between 31 May and 9 June, which is already a small-scale retrospective of our films. In the official program of the 18th International Film Festival in Setubal, Portugal, the following films are going to compete for awards: Sweet Dreams by Saso Podgorsek in the Offical Section and Bread And Milk by Jan Cvitkovic in the First Works section. Besides the aforementioned films the following films are going to be shown in the Tribute to the East section: The Last Supper by Vojko Anzeljc, Express Express by Igor Sterk and Porno Film by Damjan Kozole. Bread And Milk by Jan Cvitkovic is going to be presented to the Australian audience for the first time at the 49th International Film Festival in Sydney between 7 June and 21 June. Together with the film Idle Running by Janez Burger it is then going to Finland, where they are to be shown in the section Pearls of New Cinema at the film festival with a poetic titleMidnight Sun. This festival is organised by the well-known brothers Kaurismaki between 12 June and 16 June at the north of Finland in Sodankyla (Lapland). Our currently most successful short film Glazier Blues by Harry Rag was once again presented to the German audience at the International Short Film Festival in Tuebingen between 23 May and 26 May. From Germany it is travelling to Huesca, Spain, where it will be shown in the competition program of the festival between 6 June and 15 June. Our animated films are also touring the festivals:
Socialisation of the Bull? by Milan Eric and Zvonko Coh appeared at the 1st Animated Film Festival in Trebon, Czech Republic, between 14 May and 19 May. A month later the Hungarian audience is going to be able to see it from 12 June to 16 June at the 6th Animated Film Festival in Kecskemet, where it is going to be shown in the Panorama section. At the 15th biennial animated film festival Animafest in Zagreb two short Slovenian animated films will be shown between 12 and 16 June: Perkmandeljc by Dusan Kastelic is going to appear in the competition program, while Crossing 2 by Franci Slak and Milos Radosavljevic will appear in the non-competition section Panorama.