Rustling Landscapes In Montreal!

20. August 2002
The full-length first film by the young Slovenian film director Janez Lapajne
Rustling Landscapes is going to have its international premiere between 22 August and 2 September at the World Film Festival in Montreal, Canada. The film is to be presented in the section World Cinema: Reflections of Our Time and is going to compete for the Montreal Award, which is to be awarded to the director of the best first fiction feature film.

Rustling Landscapes continues the successful presentation of Slovenian films at big world film festivals, and it is our fifth film that managed to place itself on the map of the more important festivals.
The Montreal audience will even be able to see two Slovenian films, since GUARDIAN OF THE FRONTIER, a film by Maja Weiss, is also going to be shown. This film is to be shown in the section Tomorrow's Cinema: New Trends.

Two of our short films have appeared in the competition section of the Montreal Festival in the last five years, Adrian by Maja Weiss in 1998 and Hop, Skip & Jump by Srdjan Vuletiæ in 2000. Our full-length films were also shown in the aforementioned sections: in 1999 Idle Running by Janez Burger in the section Tomorrow's Cinema: New Trends; and Sweet Dreams by Saso Podgorsek in the section World Cinema: Reflections of Our Time.