Variety on Two Films

23. September 2002
Last week's issue of Variety (
September 16.-22. 2002) has reviews of two Slovenian films: Eddie Cockrell writes about Rustling Landscapes (directed by Janez Lapajne) and Deborah Young gives thoughts on Blind Spot (by Hanna A.W. Slak). Eddie Cockrell on Rustling Landscapes: "Under Lapajne's sure hand, universally understood issues of communication, fidelity, jealousy, longing and frustration are presented clearly and without manipulative sentiment, allowing the fundamental decency of the characters to shine through. Obviously conceived in the deliberate, benevolent spirit of Eric Rohmer's tales and proverbs, story plays much more tightly than most scripted pics; per helmer, the fortnightlong shoot was accomplished without a single word being committed to paper." Deborah Young on Blind Spot: "Conceding nothing to the lighter side of life, pic is a hard watch whose main chance will be with disaffected young auds able to identify with its stark, no-future characters. Others may find this well shot film too unpleasant to spend time with. Cinematographer Karina Maria Kleszczewska’s desaturated colors and high contras lighting, along with Slak’s studied camera movements, give the film a sophisticated look."