The Fourth Award for Sweet Dreams

12. November 2002
The 16th International Film Festival took place from 5 to 10 November in
Braunschweig. The Slovenian film Sweet Dreams by Saso Podgorsek received the main award ("Heinrich", 10.000 Euros), in the competition program for best first or second film. The director and the German distributor share the award. The award was given by the festival's audience, which chose among ten films; two films from Denmark and two films from Slovenia were shown, since the film Headnoise by Andrej Kosak was also shown in the competition program. The rest of the competing films were from Ireland, Moldavia, Russia, Poland, Germany and Austria. An interesting piece of information: Austria was represented by the film My Russia, which you will be able to see these days at the Ljubljana Film Festival. This is the fourth award for Sweet Dreams after the Gold Palm in 2001 in Valencia, the special mention of the jury in Motovun in the same year, and the Fipresci jury award at the Troia festival in June 2002 in Portugal.