Guardian Nominated for the Fassbinder Award

12. November 2002
It was reported from Berlin that
Guardian of the Frontier was nominated in the European Discovery 2002 – Fassbinder Award category. This award is given by the European Film Academy together with Reiner Werner Fassbinder Fundation in the frame of annual European Film Award ceremony – the Felix for the best European first film. 11 European first films qualified for the final selection. Which film is the best in this category will be decided by Laurence Kardish from the United States (Museum of Modern Art, NY), the English film critic Derek Malcom and the director of the film festival in France Pierre-Henri Deleau. The winner is going to be known on 7 December in Rome, where the Felix awards for the year 2002 are going to be given. Until now this award went to Erick Zonta, Thomas Vinterberg, Bruno Dumont, Laurent Cantet and Achero Manas for their first films. The rest of the nominees for European Discovery 2002 – Fassbinder Award DUE AMICI (Two Friends), by Spiro Scimone & Francesco Sframeli, Italy
HUKKLE, by György Palfi, Hungary
NICHTS BEREUEN (No Regrets), by Benjamin Quabeck, Germany
RESPIRO (Grazia’s Island), by Emanuele Crialese, Italy
SMA ULYKKER (Minor Mishaps), by Anette K. Olesen, Denmark
SMOKING ROOM, by Julio Wallovitz & Roger Gual, Spain
SZEP NAPOK (Pleasant Days), by Kornél Mundruczó, Hungary
THE WARRIOR, by Asif Kapadia, UK
VARUH MEJE (Guardian of the Frontier), by Maja Weiss, Slovenia
WESH... WESH..., QU’EST-CE QUI SE PASSE? (What’s Going On?), by Rabah Ameur-Zaimeche, France
ZMEI (The Kite), by Alexei Muradov, Russia