New Director of the Film Fund

18. December 2002
At the meeting on 17 december the supervisory board of the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia – a public fund – unanimously
chose a new director, the film director and cultural manager Saso Jovanoviæ from Ljubljana, out of the candidates that applied. With the new year Jovanoviæ is to take place of the current director Filip Robar Dorin and thus manage the Film Fund, which manages approximately seven hundred million tolars for the production and promotion of the Slovenian film, in the next four years. The thirty-eight year-old Jovanoviæ graduated from the French University of Puppet Arts and studied cultural management at the international business school at Brdo. In the nineties he supervised the department of cultural activities of the University Student Organisation (SOU) in Ljubljana and was during that time among the organisers of international festivals of young independent artists Break 21 in Ljubljana and the poetry festival Days of Poetry and Wine in Medana. He worked on culture marketing projects in the communication companies Pristop (a project of scholarships for young film directors in co-operation with Tobacna, the Virtual Museum of the City of Ljubljana) and Korpus (SNG Drama). If in the last five years thanks to the skillful program politics and the new generation of authors Slovenian film once again found its audience and caught up with the rhythm of approximately five full-length films, Jovanoviæ is going to start managing the Film Fund in the time when Slovenia because of its membership in the Eurimages, Media Plus and Audio-visual Eureka associations looks forward to first more serious European co-productions – and to the test at the European market.