Spare Parts to Compete in Berlin

13. January 2003
Spare Parts, the new full-length film by the writer and director Damjan Kozole, produced by Emotionfilm, which was finished in the end of the previous year and has not yet been publicly shown in Slovenia, was invited to the competition program of this year's festival. In independent Slovenia Spare Parts is the first feature film to qualify for the competition program of a class A festival, which consists of the festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Venice. Otherwise it has been 15 years since a Slovenian feature film was presented in the official competition program of one of the three most important festivals; that was The Felons" by Franci Slak, also in Berlin, 1988. This year in Berlin we are going to see a kind of a "rerun" of the year 1988, when a Slovenian short film and a feature film qualified for the competition program. Back then the films were The Felons and Authority, and this time it is Spare Parts and Atorsion.