The New Year and a New Month of Festivals for Slovenian Films

22. January 2003
The year 2002 is gone and with it another period of festival for Slovenian films has finished. We can certainly say it was successful and of great variety, since the films have been shown at more than a hundred festivals all over the world. They have received
13 awards, 11 for feature films and 2 for short films. However, Slovenian films do not rest: in the new year their progress is again excellent and they are touring the festivals. Blind Spot by Hanna A.W. Slak is going to be shown to the Italian audience for the first time at the Alpe Adria Cinema Festival in Trieste. Blind Spot is going to be accompanied in Italy from 16 to 23 January 2003 by two short films: Director's Cut by Boris Petkovic and the animated film Perk by Dusan Kastelic. In January 2003 Perk is going to appear at the Sundance Film Festival in America. Later on, Blind Spot is heading for the International Festival in Rotterdam, where the Dutch are going to be able to see it from 22 January to 2 February. Last year Ljubljana by Igor Sterk appeared at this festival. This year Ljubljana is going to be shown at the Maison de Montpellier festival in Heidelberg ,Germany, which is taking place from 17 to 26 January, and in Goteborg in Sweden from 24 January to 3 February. In Moscow at the international film festival "The Faces of Love", Blind Spot is going to have a guest appearance until 23 January. And now from cold Moscow to even colder Siberia, where the three girls from the Guardian of the Frontier are going to try to warm up the Russian audience at the Spirit of Fire festival, which is taking place from 26 January to 2 February. In Palm Springs Headnoise by Andrej Kosak was shown on 20 January. The film competed in the section of the films nominated for the 2003 Academy Award. The short film Glazier Blues by Harry Rag is heading for a two-month tour of England. The tour is to finish on 31 March 2003. February has a great event in store for us: two Slovenian films have qualified for the 53rd Berlinale 2003! The films are Spare Parts, the feature film by Damjan Kozole, and Atorsion, the short film by Stefan Arsenijeviæ. We are going to report more about this the next month. More detailed informations about Slovenian films produced in 2002/2003.