The Golden Bear to the Slovenian Short

16. February 2003
(A)torsion, a film by the director Stefan Arsenijevic and the production house Studio Arkadena received the Golden Bear, the highest acknowledgement in the category of short films at this year's Berlinale. The film also received the Prix UIP Berlin award, which includes a monetary award amounting to 2000 Euros and an immediate nomination for the European Film Awards in the category of short films. The film (A)torsion was directed by a young film director from Belgrade, Stefan Arsenijevic, written by Abdulah Sidran and produced by Jurij Kosak, while the director of photography is Vilko Filac. The shooting took place in Slovenia. As the director Stefan Arsenijevic pointed out, the whole crew that worked on the film, and which brought together film artists from the whole area of the former Yugoslavia, has merit for its success. At the ceremony the director especially thanked the late producer of the film, Jurij Kosak, for the chance to make this film as a young director, and he also dedicated the award to him. The film (A)torsion tells one of the countless possible stories taking place during the war in Sarajevo at the tunnel underneath the Sarajevo airport's runway. (A)torsion was produced by Studio Arkadena, which also received an award for the best short film at Berlinale in the Panorama section in the year 2000 for the film Hop, Skip & Jump. Additional information:
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