Abundant Film Spring

24. March 2003
Slovenian films are rushing around international festivals without feeling a bit of spring tiredness. In February and March they were
to 17 international festivals. 10 full-length films and 3 short films are travelling around Europe, America and Australia. After Berlin the full-length film Spare Parts by Damjan Kozole and the short film (A)torsion by Stefan Arsenijeviæ went on to the film festival in Belgrade (28 February to 9 March 2003). Here these films were joined by Hanna A.W. Slak's Blind Spot and Karpo Godina's documentary The Story of Mr. P.F. . For The Story of Mr. P.F. this was a premiere at the film festivals abroad. Guardian of the Frontier by Maja Weiss continues its big tour this year. The film was shown at three festivals in Italy: In Bologna at the international festival "Immaginaria"(27 February to 2 March 2003), in Milan at the international festival "Sguardi Altrove" – the festival of female directors (26 February to 3 March), and in Torino at the international festival "Cinema delle Donne" (7 to 15 March 2003). Guardian of the Frontier was joined in the competition program by Polona Sepe's short film Fly... Fly... Fly... Woman?, which was its premiere. In Australia Guardian of the Frontier was first shown in Sydney at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (12 to 23 February) and then also in Melbourne (13 to 23 March). Graz, Austria is going to host two Slovenian films at this year's film festival Diagonale Graz (24 to 30 March): Ljubljana by Igor Sterk and The Road of Brotherhood and Unity, a documentary by Maja Weiss. (A)torsion, our golden Berlin award winner, is going to have its American premiere at the "New Directors / New Films" festival. (A)torsion is going to be joined in New York (26 March to 6 April) by the Guardian of the Frontier. In the end of March the American audience is going to be able to see Guardian of the Frontier at the international festival in Cleveland. From Belgrade Kozole's Spare Parts and Arsenijeviæ's (A)torsion went on to the Skopje Film Festival. The films are going to have their guest appearances in Macedonia between 14 to 23 March. Spare Parts are travelling on to "GoEast" Film Festival – the festival of Central and Eastern Europe. The festival is to take place in Germany from 26 March to 2 April. Between 14 and 29 March the film festival is going to take place in the city of Bradfor,d England, where as many as three Slovenian films are going to be shown this year: Blind Spot, Guardian of the Frontier and Ljubljana. Until 16 March the films Blind Spot and Ljubljana were shown at the international film festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. Blind Spot appeared in the competition program. Janez Lapajne with his full-length film Rustling Landscapes qualified for the competition program of the Verona festival "Schermi d'Amore" (28 March to 6 April 2003). This is its the Italian premiere. Bread and Milk by Jan Cvitkovic and The Last Supper by Vojko Anzeljc are going to be shown in Torun, Poland (29 March and 6 April) at the Young European Cinematography festival. In the frame of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Brno and Prague Porno Film by Damjan Kozole is going to be shown. The short film Glazier Blues by Harry Rag is going to appear at two festivals in March. First it is going to Tampere Film Festival (5 to 9 March), where it qualified for the competition program. In the end of March it is going to visit the "DokFilm Fundao" – the festival of documentary film in Fundao, Portugal. (A)torsion also qualified for the competition program of the Tampere Film Festival.