... and Barcelona

27. March 2003
Filmoteca de Catalunya, from 1 to 13 April 2003, Barcelona: At the retrospective of the Slovenian film, which is to take place between 1 and 13 April in the Catalan Cinematheque, 9 full-length films are going to be presented: Bread and Milk (Jan Cvitkovic), Sweet Dreams (Saso Podgorsek), Headnoise (Andrej Kosak), Porno Film (Damjan Kozole), Idle Running (Janez Burger), Express Express (Igor Sterk), Red Boogie (Karpo Godina), On Paper Airplanes (Matjaz Klopcic) and The Castle of Sand (Bostjan Hladnik). The discoveries of the Slovenian Cinematheque are also going to be presented to the audience in Barcelona: When I Was Dead (Ernst Lubitsch), First Traces of Aging (Franz Hofer) and The Juggler. The films were chosen by the director of the Catalan Cinematheque, Ramon Font Segura, who came into contact with Slovenian films at the retrospective in Montpellier in the year 2000.