The First Two Retrospectives in Graz...

27. March 2003
Diagonals, from 24 to 30 March, Graz, Austria: In the frame of the Austrian national film festival, taking place between 24 and 30 March in Graz, the Slovenian cinematography is also going to be presented. Slovenia is going to be represented by the films by Igor Sterk and The Road of Brotherhood and Unity by Maja Weiss. In co-operation with the Austrian Media two round tables are going to take place on 28 March, with the following participants: the representatives of the Austrian and Slovenian film funds, Eurimages, Slovenian national television, Austrian Film Institute, ORF, Viba Studio, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Austrian producers and distributors. The topic of the round tables is going to be the possibility of cooperation in the field of co-productions. Both countries will present their experience in cinematography on the domestic as well as on the international level. In view of the fact that lately there has been no noticeable co-production between the states, the meeting in Graz is an opportunity to establish new contacts. The Slovenian Cinematheque is also going to present itself with the project "Cinema-Integral". Cinema-Integral is the name of one of the few cinematheque series, dedicated to the films of the authors, to whom the making of films does not just mean telling stories or creating products, but a way of life. The Austrian audience is also going to see the following films, chosen by the curator Koen Van Daele: Tomorrow's Delo (Joze Pogacnik), Annie's House (Drago Parovel), The Wall (Zare Luznik), Phoenix, Breath, Air Trio (Andrej Zdravic), and The Old Bridge (Vlado Skafar).