Travels in April

29. April 2003
In April Slovenian films are being shown to foreign audiences; Guardian of the Frontier, Blind Spot, Headnoise and (A)torsion are enjoying their journey across Europe and America.
Guardian of the Frontier was shown at the film festival in Oldenburg, Germany, between 2 and 6 April. The short films Adrian by Maja Weiss and Glazier Blues by Harry Rag also had a guest appearance at the same festival. Guardian of the Frontier was shown in the English capital at the gay and lesbian film festival between 2 to 16 April. Blind Spot was shown twice in April: it first appeared in America at the international film festival in Minneapolis, and after that it went on to the competition program of the "Shadowline" film festival in Salerno, Italy. In Minneapolis Kosak's full-length film Headnoise was shown between 4 and 19 April together with Blind Spot. Three years ago Janez Burger's film Idle Running was shown here, while last year Cvitkovic's film Bread And Milk and Podgorsek's Sweet Dreams were shown. (A)torsion by Stefan Arsenijeviæ appeared at the international festival of animated and short films in Germany. The German audience was able to see the film between 15 and 20 April in Dresden. In the past the following films were shown at this festival: A Short Anthem For My Country (Boris Palcic), Hop, Skip & Jump (Srdjan Vuletic) and Glazier Blues (Harry Rag).