The First Retrospective in New York

05. May 2003
After the retrospective in Barcelona the next one of this year's Slovenian film retrospectives is going to take place in New York from 7 to 11 May. The choice of newer Slovenian films - eight full-length films and one short film - is going to be the first such presentation of Slovenian film in New York.
Sweet Dreams by Saso Podgorsek (2001), (A)torsion by Stefan Arsenijeviæ (2002), Rustling Landscapes by Janez Lapajne (2002), Bread and Milk by Jan Cvitkovic (2001), Ode to the Poet by Martin Srebotnjak (2001), Blind Spot by Hanna A.W. Slak (2002), Ljubljana by Igor Sterk (2002), Idle Running by Janez Burger (1999) and Fortress Europe by Zelimir Zilnik (2001). The retrospective is going to be opened by Sweet Dreams, while (A)torsion is going to be shown as an introductory film. Three directors are going to be present at the retrospective: Saso Podgorsek, Hanna A.W. Slak and Martin Srebotnjak.