One Million TV Viewers for Guardian

02. June 2003
The full-length film debut by Maja Weiss,
Guardian of the Frontier, which has travelled all over the world in two years and has received numerous awards at now as many as sixty film festivals (among others also the Manfred Salzgeber Award for the most innovative European film and the Levi’s Award at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in San Francisco), has had another success with the television viewers. On Saturday, 17 May, the cable and satellite network Arte, whose signal covers practically the whole of Europe, broadcast it at 22:30 in the evening. The network told us that during the time that the Guardian of the Frontier, which was dubbed in for the French speaking audience and subtitled for the German speaking audience, was broadcast, the ratings were twice as high as the average ratings at this time. The film had the same successful ratings also during the two reruns that followed. Otherwise Guardian of the Frontier continues its successful tour of the film festival. In June it is going to be shown Portugal, Italy and New Zealand.