A Special Acknowledgement for (A)torsion

25. August 2003
Another acknowledgement went to
(A)torsion by the director Stefan Arsenijeviæ, this time at a festival with a long-year tradition, the 52nd International Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia. (A)torsion, which was the only Slovenian film that participated at this festival this year, received a special acknowledgement for the promotion of human rights. This year, the members of the international jury from all over the world were the film critic from Argentina Eduardo (Quintin) Antin, the Indian film critic Gautaman Bhaskaran and the critic working for the newspaper RealTime Mike Walsh. The award "Grand Prix of Melbourne" for best short film went to "Destino" by the director Dominique Monfery. Besides this award the author of "Destino" received an award of 7000 $. This is already the sixth award for (A)torsion, which continues its victorious tour of the festivals.