The Big Bang of the Slovenian Film in October and November

03. November 2003
Slovenian films keep finding their place persistently at important international festivals. The choice of films has been even more diverse lately. Check out the next page to find out which films are currently the hottest.
Spare Parts, the fifth full-length film by Damjan Kozole, the absolute winner of this year's 6th Slovenian Film Festival, began its tour in October at the International Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland. There it was a guest from 2 to 13 October 2003. At this festival, the 19th in a row this year, Guardian of the Frontier, Bread And Milk and Porno Film appeared in the past two years. The Americans were able to see Spare Parts at the 39th International Festival in Chicago, while the Brazilian audience was able to see it at the International Festival in Sao Paulo from 17 to 30 October. Until 1 November this film could also be seen by the Spanish audience at the festival in Valladolid. But this is not all. Together with (A)torsion by Stefan Arsenijeviæ, the most wanted short film this year, Spare Parts was also showing off at the International Festival in Pusan, North Korea, in the beginning of October, at the Flanders International Festival – Ghent, Belgium, and at the International Mediterranean Festival in Montpellier, France, in the end of the month. Beside the two aforementioned films there was a special projection of Express Express by Igor Sterk here. The student film The Excursion by Martin Turk was also shown. Igor Sterk was present at the festival as a member of the festival jury. In the beginning of October at the Festival of European Film in Bursa the Turkish audience was able to enjoy the projection of (A)torsion. From 20 to 26 October (A)torsion was a guest of the Swedes at the International Festival in Uppsala. Last year Glazier Blues was shown here. Until 2 November the Arsenijeviæ's film could be seen at the Molodist International Festival in Kiev. In 2001 Bread And Milk was accepted into the competition section here. Rustling Landscapes, the full-length film by Janez Lapajne, also contributed to the festival journeys of the Slovenian films. It was shown from 2 to 12 October at the International Festival in Leeds. Glazier Blues, the short film by Harry Rag, also travelled a bit. From 20 to 26 October it visited the British at the Kinofilm International Film Festival in Manchester. The new animated film Mask Maker by Koni Steinbacher was accepted into the competition section of the 17th International Film Festival in Braunschweig, Germany. This is the second international festival this film has been to. Last year as many as three Slovenian films were shown at this festival: Sweet Dreams, Headnoise and Bread And Milk. In the Art Museum in Kassel, Germany, two Slovenian films were shown from 19 October to 2 November: the short film House of Freedom by Saso Podgorsek and the first full-length film by Jan Cvitkovic Bread And Milk. Bread And Milk is going to appear as a guest of two film festivals in November: first in Brussels, Belgium on 15 and 16 November, and at the European Union Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada, between 14 and 30 November. At the European Film Festival on Malta the full-length film Idle Running by Janez Burger is to be shown between 31 October and 18 November. The Polish are going to be able to grow up together with the 13 year-old from Sweet Dreams at the European Union Festival in Warsaw. The film, directed by Saso Podgorsek, is going to be shown from 14 to 27 November. Headnoise, the second full-length film by Andrej Kosak, is going to be heard by the Americans from 13 to 23 November at the international festival in St. Louis. From 10 to 17 November the Indian audience is going to be able to see Blind Spot by Hanna A.W. Slak at the Film Festival in Calcuta. Last year Bread And Milk appeared here. At the MedFilm Festival in Rome Ljubljana by Igor Sterk is going to be shown from 10 to 22 November. In 2002 Guardian of the Frontier, Bread And Milk and the short film F were shown here, while in the year 2000 A Short Anthem For My Country appeared here. Guardian of the Frontier, the first full-length film by Maja Weiss, also does not rest this time. It was invited to two festivals in November: the International Film Festival in Canberra, Australia, and to the High Falls Festival in the United States from 5 to 9 November. The aforementioned short film (A)torsion is going to be shown at the Cinema Tout Ecran Festival in Geneva from 3 to 9 November, while in France it is going to appear at an important French short film festival in Brest. The film is going to appear from 8 to 16 November. At the Ljubljana International Festival (LIFFE) two Slovenian films are going to be shown from 7 to 21 November: the full-length film Beneath Her Window by Metod Pevec and the short film by Jan Cvitkovic Heart is a Piece of Meat. Let us conclude the two-month journey of the Slovenian films with Spare Parts. The film, very successful at the festivals, is going to appear at as many as four festivals in November. It is going to be shown at the festival in Solun from 21 to 30 November. Last year Blind Spot and Ljubljana were shown here. From 17 to 20 November it will appear at the festival in Koeln, from 20 to 27 November in Vienna at the festival EU-XXL, while in the beginning of December it is going to be a guest at the Black Nights festival in Tallinn, Estonia.