Dark Side of the Earth

01. December 2003
The production house EMOTIONFILM informed us that
Dark Side of the Earth is the first Slovenian film project co-financed by the European Fund Media Plus . In the last spring Slovenia became a member of Media Plus, the European fund which supports the development of audio-visual projects (Project Development), pan-European distribution, film festivals and education in the field of audio-visual media. They have just published the results of the last call for tenders for the development of film projects: the first Slovenian film, which was granted the funds for the development of the project in the amount of 40.000 EUR, is Dark Side of the Earth by the director Damjan Kozole, produced by Emotionfilm. This is an extremely demanding co-production project whose development is already taking place, and it is going to become more intensive during the next year. It is planned to be carried out through participation of co-producers from several countries, and the shooting is expected to take place in the spring of 2005.