Euroimages Supports the First Slovenian Producers Project in the Field of International Co-Productions

02. December 2003
The full length film
Well-Prepared Dead Bodies by the director and screenwriter Benjamin Filipovic, produced by the producer Dunja Klemenc and Studio Maj, received the support of Euroimages today as the first project of the Slovenian producers in the field of international co-productions. The film is co-produced by Casablanca with Igor Pedicek, and the project is financially supported by the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia. Apart from an international team the following international co-producers also participate in the making of the film: the Italian Sintra Film, the French Cinemark, Fond Sud from Paris, Hubert Bals Fond from Rotterdam, Flash from Sarajevo, Film Fund of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Television Bosnia and Herzegovina. Studio Maj together with the Bosnian director Benjamin Filipoviæ, known to the general public especially for his first film Holiday in Sarajevo, Top List of Surrealists and the cult film Mizaldo - The End od Theatre, have been preparing for the director's third full-length film for a year. The screenplay for the film was written by Fedja Isoviæ and Benjamin Filipoviæ. It focuses on four stories, coloured by black humour, on four characters, bound together by a common prologue and epilogue. The shooting of the film is planned to begin in March 2004 in the studios of Viba Film, and it is to continue in Sarajevo.