The European Distribution of Spare Parts Begins

09. December 2003
We have received an announcement from the production house Emotionfilm, that
European distribution of the Slovenian film "Spare Parts" by the director Damjan Kozole, who is also this year's nominee for the Preseren fund award, began. The film produced by Emotionfilm is going to be shown in 2004 in the cinemas in Austria, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and Norway. At the same time the distribution is still being discussed with the distributors in France, Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary. Most distributors bought the TV rights, and all of them bought the rights for the DVD / VHS distribution. The TV rights for "Spare Parts" have been sold to Israel, Australia and Taiwan. After the cinema distribution the film will be shown at such prestigious TV stations as BBC, RAI and Arte, among others. "Spare Parts" is the first Slovenian film to arouse such interest in the European distributors and to be distributed so widely over the European cinematography network. The distribution in the aforementioned states will also supposedly be supported by the European Fund Media Plus. The film "Spare Parts", which had its premiere in February this year at the competition section of the Berlin Festival, has since been to all most important world festivals (over 35), received numerous awards, and is also the winner of this year's Festival of Slovenian Film in Celje and the Slovenian candidate for the foreign language film Academy Award 2004.