Carte di Cinema

17. December 2003
In October 2003
The Presentation of Slovenian Cinematography In October 2003 the Italian film magazine Carte di Cinema number 11 was published; it includes a special section, dedicated to Slovenian cinematography. Carte di Cinema is the official magazine of the FEDIC association (Fererazione Italiana dei Cineclub), established in Rome with the administrative offices in Milan and the editorial offices in Siena at the University for Foreigners. It is a new series, published since 1999 four times per year with 5000 editions and a thousand subscribers in Italy and abroad. Every year the magazine focuses on and explores the specific characteristics of especially interesting cinematographies or on the cinematographies of an increasing importance. In the 5th issue a section on Brazilian film was published, in the 8th issue a section on Hungarian film appeared, while in the 11th number there is a presentation of the Slovenian cinematography. This project is the idea of the editor, who studies the development of foreign cinematographies by participating on the festivals, retrospectives and symposiums abroad. The presentation of Slovenian cinematography was created at the incentive of Sergio Micheli, a film critic, who holds a chair for the history of film and film critique at the University for Foreigners in Siena and who has been editor-in-chief of the expert magazine Carte di Cinema for many years. The decision to present Slovenian cinematographies was influenced by numerous events in Gorica, Ljubljana, Portoroz, etc., where the editor has participated since the year 1988 and published articles on them in the Italian media: the daily newspapers Liberazione and Il Manifesto in its Saturday supplement Alias, the expert magazines Cineclub and Lumiare, and, last but not least, Carte di Cinema. These occasions were also an opportunity to meet the directors, authors of Slovenian films, film critics and experts, which contributed to the planning of the project, where apart from the most important Italian connoisseurs of Slovenian cinematography the Slovenian theorists and film critics have participated. While the Italian authors delve into the individual segments of the history of Slovenian film cinematography, the Slovenian authors Zdenko Vrdlovec and Andrej Sprah prepared the presentation of the development of Slovenian feature film from 1931 until 2004. Zdenko Vrdlovec also contributed an extensive overview of the Slovenian writing about film, entitled Film on Paper, while Lilijana Nedic wrote a contribution on the co-operation between the Slovenian and Italian cinematographies since the beginnings until the present day. Carte di Cinema is a magazine, which was first published as early as in the year 1949 as a bulletin; in 1960 its title was changed into Il Cineamatore - the film fan, and later into Cineclub. So the magazine has been published for more than 50 years and during all this time it has changed its connotations. From mostly informing the members of the associations' activities, it has developed into an increasingly theoretical magazine, which followed the development of the person from its title: the independent cineaste. Today Carte di Cinema comprises of several permanent columns: the column for critical analysis of film novelties, the contributions in the form of essays, the reviews of the most important festivals and the reviews of new books from this field. Now that four years have passed since the publishing of the first issue of the new series, Carte di Cinema is the most extensive periodic magazine (80 - 120 pages) with the most focused contents than any other publications and is intended for everyone who want to be deeply engaged in the seventh art. Because of its intention, that is exploring and studying the cinematography phenomenon, it can very often be found in the university circles and has a broad range of contributors - from professors at the Italian and foreign universities dealing with the field of film to the graduates and the post-graduate students, known journalists and film critics. The presentation of Slovenian cinematography in the Carte di Cinema magazine was created with the financial help of the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia – a public fund, the Italian cultural institute in Slovenia and the University for Foreigners in Siena. Vera Vetrih, who is responsible for translating and proofreading the translations, and Lilijana Nedic, the Slovenian contributions co-ordinator, have also contributed to the realization of the project, which is to at least partly inform the Italians more about the culture of their neighbouring country. The presentation in Carte di Cinema is a supplement to the Slovenian film retrospective in Rome, which took place in November 2003.

The list of the articles on Slovenian cinematography, No 11

  1. The introductions by the director of the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (Sasa Jovanoviæ) and the director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Ljubljana (Giuseppe Xausa)
  2. Slovenia in Europe - Roberto Barzanti (member of the EU parliament)
  3. Cultural Symbiosis in the Alpe Adria Community - Mario Verdone
  4. Meeting Slovenian Film in Gorica - Alberto Pesce
  5. The Impressions of Slovenian Film After 1990 - Sergio Micheli
  6. Contributions About Slovenian Film in the Italian Press - Sergio Micheli
  7. On the Authors of Film Music and Sound in Slovenian Films - Ermanno Comuzio
  8. Meeting the Composer Alojz Srebotnjak - Vera Vetrih
  9. Darko Bratina - Giacomo Gambetti
  10. Slovenian Film and the "Alpe Adria Cinema - Trieste Film Festival" - Annamaria Percavassi
  11. The Hundredth Anniversary of Slovenian Film is Drawing Close - Silvan Furlan
  12. Slovenian Film 1931 - 1991 - Zdenko Vrdlovec
  13. Slovenian Film 1991 - 2002 - Andrej Sprah
  14. Film on Paper - Zdenko Vrdlovec
  15. Co-operation Between Slovenia and Italy in the Field of Cinematography - Lilijana Nedic
  16. The Filmography of Feature Films - Lilijana Nedic
  17. Film Institutions and Film Festivals in Slovenian: Film Fund, Slovenian Cinetheque, Slovanian Film Archive, Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, Ljubljana International Film Festival, Festival of Slovenian Film - Lilijana Nedic
  18. The Slovenian film retrospective in Rome: Valley of Peace, Dance in the Rain, The Widowhood of Karolina Zasler, Farewell Until the Next War, Red Boogie, Express Express, Outsider, Sweet Dreams, Socializing the Bull, Bread And Milk.