A Film Omnibus “Visions Of Europe”

04. February 2004
The Danish producer house
Zentropa, managed by Lars von Trier, is preparing a film omnibus entitled Visions of Europe in co-production with the German - French TV station ARTE and the German TV station ZDF. Twenty-five directors and directresses from twenty-five countries of the future European Union shall direct five-minute long films with absolute artistic freedom; the only thing that binds them together is the topic - Europe. The choice of directors involves household names, the most successful recent European authors: Aki Kaurismäki (The Man Without A Past) from Finland, Lone Scherfig (Itallian for Beginners) from Denmark, Aisling Walsh (Song for a Raggy Boy) from Ireland - the film received the audience award at the last film festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Sasa Gedeon (Return of the Idiot) from the Czech Republic, Bela Tarr from Hungary, Miguel Hermoso from Spain, Barbara Albert from Austria, and Peter Greenaway, a cult director from the Great Britain. Damjan Kozole, the director of Spare Parts (one of the most successful recent Slovenian films) was also invited into this chosen European group of people by Zentropa and ZDF / arte. The premiere of the film omnibus is going to take place on the day of the association of the new member states to the European Union on 1 May 2004. You can find out more about the project on the official web pages at www.visionsofeurope.dk.