Cinema Distribution of Spare Parts in Great Britain and Ireland

17. February 2004
The feature film
Spare Parts was successfully presented at the international film festival in Dublin on 16 February 2004, drawing much attention. This was the second presentation of this film in Great Britain after the showing at the international film festival in Edinburgh last year; with it the official cinema distribution of the film in Ireland and Great Britain started. After the formal projection, sponsored by the Slovenian embassy in Dublin, the Slovenian musical group Fake Orchestra performed in the grand festival hall and excited the large audience (Igor Leonardi, who composed the music for the film, is a member and the leader of the group). The distributor of the film in Great Britain and Ireland is Soda Pictures from London, which is also preparing the London premiere in the beginning of March. Spare Parts by the director Damjan Kozole is the first Slovenian film which is going to be distributed in the cinemas in Great Britain and Ireland. More information at: