A new Slovenian film, coming soon to the cinemas near you!

18. March 2004
Once again we have the opportunity to see a new Slovenian film -
SUBURBS, the debut by the director Vinko Möderndorfer. The premiere of the film is going to take place on the 24 March in Ljubljana; at 7pm it will be shown in the Kolosej, while at 9pm it will be shown in the Komuna Cinema. On Thursday, 25 March, you will able to see it for the first time in Kolosej in Celje. On 25 March the film is going to start its regular tour of the Slovenian cinemas. Synopsis (long version):
The Suburbs is a film about middle generation men, who spend their evenings at the suburban bowling alley, pondering their lives in humorous discussions. However, these discussions uncover the stories of their lives, which are mostly unrealised, squandered, lost and miserable. The well-intentioned and seemingly amusing patrons of the suburban bowling alley become more and more dangerous as a young couple of a foreign nationality moves into the suburbs. This couple is different from them - they have nothing yet they have everything, for they have love. On the horizon of the two young lives the misery of the suburban men can be seen even more clearly. From a simple, funny and entertaining idea of secretly filming the young couple's lovemaking arises a terrible image of irrational xenophobic hatred that always blames others for its own misery. This hatred contains a clear parallel with the rise of fascism and the worshipping of national purity, the consequence of which is ethnic cleansing and all civilizational evil, which has despite the tragic experience of the second world war reappeared in the Balkans part of Europe in the end of the twentieth century. Statement of the Director: The Suburbs is a film about the worst suburbs of all. It is a story about the suburbs in the human soul. I am convinced that in this the story of The Suburbs is universal, since it discusses the reasons for the irrational hatred, which unfortunately still smoulders all over our common Europe. For more information about The Suburbs: www.predmestje.org.